Flea Control For Home And Pet Owners

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Flea Control For Home And Pet Owners
 by: Stewart Alexander

Flea control for dogs and cats liken to the different kind of fleas you will find on both animals. However; similarities are recognized in how fleas (While enjoying their feast of fresh, warm blood), will literally spit out a kind of chemical concoction into the hosts bloodstream. This leads to the blood clotting.

Of course this tasty cocktail of flea punch on the rocks is not exactly what the local vet ordered for your dearly beloved pet. It won't take long before Fido starts to show the first signs of flea bites.

On a young school kid, these little red spots can look quite cute, but spotted all over your pet's coat... is another story. Look out for dark colored particles which appear to be almost like miniature pieces of gravel.

They'll also be the inevitable bouts of frenzied itching and scratching from your pet, resulting in very sore swelling in the most sensitive of areas.

As they say... It's a dog's life

So, what can we as pet owners do to ease the aggravation of these pesky uninvited pests? Well, they're many different ways to skin this cat (excuse the pun).

One place to start is by giving your crib, digs, house or whatever you call your place of abode a serious once over with the vacuum cleaner. As simple as this may sound, it's a very crucial step in your flea control efforts.

Concentrate especially on the areas where your pet loves to hang out. Under the stairs, the table, the bed. You know the spots. And don't forget to spray the bag with the spray you're using.

This way, all your flea exterminating work won't go to waste, because they'll surely try to escape before you empty the bag.

It's also an idea to seal the bag before deposing of it too. Some pet owners have even gone as far as placing the sealed bag inside another bag and popping it in to the freezer. Result positively dead fleas! (Not for supper for the trash bin!)

Your next course of flea control action depends on what kind of approach you'd like to adopt. In other words... chemical methods or natural methods of killing fleas.

Personally, I prefer a mixture of both. I've found this to be the best combination for my pet, family and house. There are many variations of flea control on the open market, some better than others.

One can get a little overwhelmed just wondering what's best for your pet. I would suggest trying natural flea control methods first, as this has advantages all round. For you, your family, house and most of your pet.

It's also a good learning foundation you're going to need in the war against fleas in the years to come.

Flea control guarantees?

Several times I have reached the point of being on top of the flea game. Yes! Totally flea free home and pet. But these little critters are resilient and most likely to come marching back at some stage in the future (especially during the hot periods).

So, I wish I could give you a secret method for getting rid of fleas for good, but I'd only be lying to you.

The best policy in the war against fleas; is to always be on the lookout for the early warning signs I mentioned above. Also, keep yourself up to date on the latest flea busting products and services available.

And of course, if ever in doubt, don't take any risks... Go and see your local vet for expert, qualified advice.

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